Born in Vancouver BC to a hippie-turned-child psychologist and a monk-turned-martial arts master, Jesse Inocalla got bit by the bug early when his father booked the role of Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. Jesse spent a lot of time on sets, following his father and eventually mastering their family style of martial arts, Thanks to his academically gifted mother, and his physically gifted father, Jesse's developed a strong appreciation for humanity and human nature, which comes through in his craft.

Jesse has studied under some of the top names in Vancouver and Los Angeles. He's studied at the UCB Theater on Sunset, and has trained under Rob Paulsen for Voiceover.

Jesse is the head representative for
Arnis Kali Maharlika in North Amerca, and teacher Filipino Martial Arts. He is also an avid Capoerista and trains and teaches with Grupo Axé Capoeira under Contra-Mestre Barraozinho
As an instructor, Jesse is gifted in being able to determine students strengths and weaknesses and guide them towads their goals as an artist in a supportive, yet challenging environment. For coaching inquiries, please click here.